Joanna Hoffman named "White House LGBT Artist Champion of Change"

A HUGELY deserved honor going to Performance Poetry verteran Joanna Hoffman, who will be recognized at the White House on Monday as a “White House LGBT Artist Champion of Change” along with 8 others from across the country. She writes:

"I'm accepting this award so that I have the opportunity to talk on a panel and tell the media how spoken word poetry has, literally, saved my life. And by that, I mean all of you reading this who have encouraged LGBTQI poets to share their work, who lead workshops, who host venues, who attend readings, who buy our books, who ARE LGBTQI poets, who have graciously shared resources and insights on privilege and intersectionality so that others can learn to be better humans- you all have saved my life, too. I don't believe that "it gets better" for everyone. Thanks to those of you who make it better, every day. 

Read more about the award here:

Congratulations Joanna!